Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spanish basketball team poses for offensive picture

Spanish basketball team poses for offensive picture - Fourth-Place Medal - Olympics - Yahoo! Sports

It must have been a slow week for this non-story to get out... Let's hope the pissy nationalists won't make a big frigging deal out of it.

Nonetheless the PR rep of the logistic company should really spin something on the creative (mis)concept -

"The creative concept aimed to promote our determination in molding ourselves to fit into the Asia market and was unfortunately, misconceived by some viewers due to its poor execution."

Ni racista, ni ofensivo, pero muy tonto.



oz said...

What is this picture all about? Is there a sample of it to be shown here or at least tell me where I can find it?

oz said...

Sorry to disturb you from your retreat. Its surreal to be able to get onto your site but not mine at sinablog from china. Its stranger still that I can get to china sinablog. I suppose china works mysteriously. Whats the detox anyway? I thought its good to keep the dom inside the body for as long as one can!

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