Monday, August 11, 2008

Following Up On...

I forwarded the news to my gang and here's a reply from one bro
Scary shit! :o

ha, ha, I bet you HK television will make one of those "dodgy" public health ads:

"When you go to the park at night, please avoid putting your penis inside benches"
(funny music and a huge cross on the pantless guy next to the bench )

"If you do engage in such activities, please avoid touching bird's droppings and please wash your hands after"
(more funny music, guy took his pant up and go wash his hand)

"Let's make a better Hong Kong!"
(guy helps a granny cross the street, they both smile)


星期五晚上,煮了一頓還過得去的晚飯當慰勞為"不是生日會"奔走的幾位朋友.吃著Tortilla 及 Fideua, 話題自自然然扯到"卡窿一索"身上.

我: 其實佢四十歲人都算Fit, 可惜睇唔到個樣.
友: 下? 睇到又點? 你想去溝佢?
我: 我好奇之嘛.
友: 你好奇一吋有幾粗, 定想知人地有幾長先?
我: 我只係想知道,塊Sit Up 板比人沒收左佢打算點.
友: ..............關咩事?
我: 我唔否定佢真心既可能性囉. 或者佢只不過似The Man Who Mistook His Wife As A Hat 入面個男主角, suffering from neurological deficits之嘛.
友: 唔...又或者好似Boston Legal 入面, 相信自己同郵筒拍緊拖果個女仔?
我: 係囉, 人腦咁複雜. 話唔埋佢係背住屋企部洗衣機出黎同塊Sit Up 板幽會添呀.
友: 但佢行為真係極.度.惡.心.囉.
我: 拿, 假設佢真係熱戀緊張Sit Up 板, 情到濃時難自制有幾稀奇? This is passion man!
友: 所以你想知塊Sit Up板下落?
我: 係呀, 試想像你女人無啦啦比人軟禁, 你會唔會用盡辦法救佢出黎?
友: 咁...咁咪可能會有港版Prison Break?
我: 想像佢講 "My name is Lung, Ka Lung"
友: "卡窿一索勇救Sit Up板情人"...
我: Exactly!!

“My fault, my failure, is not in the passions I have, but in my lack of control of them.” -- Said Kerouac


oz said...

If you are typing these chinese words, then you are better than me, as I am using 手寫版. But this must be the story of the year. The question must be "What took him so long?" Or did he not have the money to get some ky jelly first before he started this exercise? And what would his 街坊大姐think of this new exercise. How about the designer of this great exercise board? What were these holes for? This should be international news of the year, come to think of it!

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