Tuesday, October 21, 2008

我要做村姑 (下)

相比 Zigloo Domestique,美籍建築師 Adam Kalkin 的一系列 Container Home 其實更深得我心, 尤其面積達四千呎的12 Container Home,簡直就是我的Dream House.

Prefabs.com  網羅了由不同建築師所設計的活動房屋,當中不少更是明碼實價可供購買的.假如有日真係比我找到一幅地,我一定會買由美籍建築師 Charlie Lazor 的 FlatPak 系列.

兩千呎的型格大屋,售價不過是十二萬美金.Flatpak Flickr 內有三個住宅項目的相片,有興趣可以看看.

PS1 - 這三篇文,大概該改名為我要住貨倉.

PS2 - 從八鄉回程時,我跟媽說,真搬入來住的話,來回中環的油錢 + 隧道費起碼要兩百五十,一個月豈不是要六七千? 好貴!

亞媽問 "mud 你搬左入黎仲打算日日出中環架?"


oz said...

Your mum seems to have lots of common sense (comparing to you!!!) Only kidding la. But then, if you become a 村姑, you need a driver as you cannot drink and drive so far. It seems a lot hassle. Still these containers are so beautiful. I wonder if they have good air-con?

C+ said...

Of cos they have good aircon, you can basically install everything you need inside.

imagine my pain paying hk$500 for taxi 3 times a week... i did it once on sunday and i swore i won't be doing it again anytime soon!!

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