Friday, December 19, 2008


往年九月已經有客想Book聖誕派對,當然唔係個個都中, 但有quote 出下, 都叫有希望.

今年, 我連一個Enquiry都接唔到.


海嘯以o黎,其實我無特別擔心過,尤其公司收入來源主要來自一班家庭厚o既第三代人。做呢班人生意最大o既好處,係佢地o既消費習慣基本上唔會比大市影響. 只要佢地出得街,食餐四五百蚊o既飯,開支Dom 或McCallan 18年,梗局。佢地絕唔會因為個市跌幾多點已改去食翠華或開支Moet / Black Label. 有呢班人撐住,條數其實唔難圍.

講真,我上個月仲提議緊加價,橫樹呢班人唔會因為我加十個八個%價而唔幫襯。當佢地仲肯係到洗錢時,當然要積穀防饑. 最後無實行到,只係因為怕再加價會嚇走左一班街客。

用"再"字,因為我地已經係十二個月裡面加左三次價,每次加幅3-5%. 如果再加價,將會係第四次. (係咪有d狼死呢?)

但最神奇o既係,竟然好似無客發現到. 或者,佢地真係唔至在.

十二月黃金檔期無左班賓架同公司客,公司今個月收入小左三份一. 不過對於我,就係今年o既收入少左三份一。我開始擔心出年會點。而我,又係咪應該正正經經打份工幫補下?

點都好,今朝有酒就應該今朝醉。唔經唔覺又三年。If you know me well enough, you know I usually kill things. Be it plants, puppies, men, but the "company" survived.






Hana said...


C+ said...

嗚, 我邊飲得起Dom??

其實我最愛係Bollinger, 買左支想同人飲, 但人家唔彩我哩.... :(

Hana said...


oz said...

I see, so you are a 事頭婆/老板娘. Its difficult to keep a place for three years. May be one day we have to share the war stories (since I used to run a few of these watering holes) with a bottle of dom since i have a few bottles kept here. I also like Bollinger and the latest one i think its also very ok is veuve clicquot ponsardin, esp. rose.

C+ said...

Oz, I am an owner, but rather owner of my life than any business LOL...

Now I am so very tempted to chat with you & Hana over bubbles!! You guys really know how to tempt me don't you!?

oz said...

I shall bring a bottle of dom for you then(after i get back from very cold cold beijing), so bring hana and also carson, his stories are very very good and hit the target :應影. I am deeply impressed and may have to implore him for a story on me too over some bubbles. I guess one bottle is not enough and therefore i have to order some more from your watering hole then. Merry christmas!

C+ said...

ohhh u heading to beijing again!! to see 婉君表妹 i supposed!? hahaha i will be heading for the sunnnn instead :)

yes, more bubbles is needed as u guys will be pounding down champagne trying to forget my ugly face :P

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