Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beauty In The Beast

在幽暗的小酒吧內, 角落有個低著頭專注地聆聽台上即興演奏的男人.

一個不起眼的胖子, 獨自坐了有廿多分鐘吧? 望著他, 我的腦袋又開始胡思亂想 - 他為何一個人來酒吧? 他大概是個Jazz Fan. 哪他又是否常常獨來獨往? 會不會感到孤單? 他的朋友呢?

台上的人示意他上台, 他一轉頭, 發現正在偷望他的我. 被抓個正著, 心虛的我只好尷尬地微笑, 反而是他害羞地躲開我的目光, 低下頭快步的走到台上, 在電子琴前坐下.

他依然靜靜坐著, 只是用左腳踏出節奏零亂的拍字. 而他的頭, 比之前放得更低.

他按下第一個琴鍵, 第二個, 第三個, 旋律陸續鑽進我的耳窩, 繞過大腦, 直入心臟. 難怪他如此安靜, 他的語言是音符. 他毫無保留地以十指邀請我參觀他的內心世界, 讓我認識到他的溫柔, 熱情, 喜悅, 真誠.

能夠將難以言語的情意轉化為連串動人的旋律, 那不單是技術, 更是天賜的大禮. 而從他的音樂中, 我尋回了生活中常被違忘的坦然與誠實.

看著正在埋頭彈奏的肥大背影, 我突然有一股巨大衝動想要愛這個男人.

Beauty, when spotted, should be treasured at all cost.

It is just that we always mistook the beasts with our shallow understanding of beauty.


Anonymous said...

I hardly think that you have an urge to love this man... rather you seem to be be in love with a discovery

Leos are born to fall in love with so many things, most often than not, curiosity ranks high in the reasonings.

If that curiosity fades, Leos can be so critical.

Anonymous said...

Curiosity is hardly the monopoly of Leos. But I agree that Leos do fall in love with many many things and people. Still, what is this place. I am indeed curious!

C+ said...

Guys, for me, love & being in love is different. I love loads of things (as u already knew) but I don't usually fall in love! :P

His tunes touched me deeply and bridges to my heart, it was indeed a beautiful moment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this article with us.

I am moved by this.

C+ said...

Thanks Sarah, glad you liked it! Hope to hear from you again, and soon :)

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