Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ginger & Gordito










你們未及睜開眼看看這個世界便離開了, 有甚麼需要幫忙, 希望你們懂得憑著氣味回來找我.

我會想念你們, 但你們不必記掛著我. 放心地盡情地去玩吧.

遇上新朋友時,別要忘記你們的名字是Ginger & Gordito.

And your last name is, LAU.
I didn't expect to have you boys in my life, I wasn't even sure if I want you boys in it.

But now, I'd not only pay a million to bring you guys back, I'd even sell my soul to the devil.

If only, I could.

RIP my very darling Ginger & Gordito.


Anonymous said...

Oh shit, you made me feel both very sad (with tears in my eyes) and mad. Sometimes, I just cannot fathom this thing called life and the cruelty of it. But I can only resort to King Lear "As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods, they kill us for their sport" Dont be too sad, and i shall say some prayers for them tonight too.

May your boys rest in peace!

Anonymous said...

Ginger & Gordito, RIP

C+, you take care ! Cheer up please

Anonymous said...

finally i left my first comment for you in the name of ginger and gordito. as said with your love that made their lives worth, even though so short but still worth it. with their last name as LAU i bet they are partying hard together!!

C+ said...

Thanks guys, my mood is slowly picking up bit by bit. I will get over it eventually, it was just sad to see lives dying so young, and more difficult to accept that it actually happens.

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