Wednesday, December 11, 2013

On Music

Picked up the joy of radio listening again, remind me of those days when the radio is on for hours, hoping the DJ will play "that" song I like again, or someone would request for it - well, i don't always remember the name of the song, sometimes it feels like meeting a beautiful man, and not knowing if I will see him again, or get the chance to know him further, and perhaps next time I shd ask for his name as well. The anticipation, the possibility and probability together is enough to keep my troubled little brain and heart busy - it keeps me out of troubles and perhaps explain why my grades are not so well in school. 

Nowadays, with music production in an amount we had never seen in history, genre so complex and new, and I could have 300 hours of music loaded in my digital device to keep my hearing busy, I still crave that random chance of listening to a nice piece of yet-to-know music, and with the right song/group, for me it's very similar to falling in love. 

Yet I do believe there is a life of a song, given to it by those who'd give notice to it, who enjoys it, and of course those who likes it enough to recommend it - and those who loves it, sing it humps it and plays it.

I can't think of a perfect moment without the role of sound involved- and the time when a headphone is shared among two, for me that's perhaps almost like coconut sweet - well, that's until i found out years later, that the boy i shared my favorite piece of music finds my recommendation non-pretty - perhaps that explain why we stop sharing music further! 

Hope all is well. Christmas light is on in London, and the days had been sunny. :)


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